În perioada 4-9 mai 2024 restaurantul este închis. Sărbători fericite!

În perioada 4-9 mai 2024 restaurantul este închis. Sărbători fericite!


Our menu is based on authentic recipes

Traditional food from Maramureș

The decorations, the music and especially the traditional dishes, can make you think that you have already arrived in a corner of Maramureș.

We offer our guests specialties such as the delicious oven-baked ribs, pork loin with beans or boiled cabbage, polenta with cheese and greaves or bean soup with smoked pork. We treat our guests as only we know how to treat them."

Cold appetizers

Cold appetizers

Cold platters

Hot platters




Side dishes

Side dishes

Start salads




Hot drinks

Non-alcoolic drinks



Alcoolic cocktails


House wine

Red wines

Vinuri albe

Vinuri roze

Sparkling wines

Allergen products

In accordance with European regulation on food information to consumers about inform you that our unit uses ingredients that can cause allergies, such as:

  • gluten - cereals containing gluten (eg rye, wheat, barley, oats, spelled, kamut or their hybrid sources) and derivate sesame products.
  • eggs and derivative products
  • milk and derivative products
  • nuts
  • fish and derived products
  • peanuts and derived products
  • milk and derivative products (including lactose)
  • celery and derivative products
  • mustard and derivative products
  • sesame seeds and derived products
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