În perioada 4-9 mai 2024 restaurantul este închis. Sărbători fericite!

În perioada 4-9 mai 2024 restaurantul este închis. Sărbători fericite!

About us

Traditional Restaurant Casa Maramureșeană

About us

Those who have had the opportunity to arrive in Maramureș know that in the eyes of the locals you can easily read the pride of being Romanian, but also the pride of preserving the traditions with sanctity.

The decorations, the music and especially the traditional dishes from the "Maramureșean House" can make you think that you have already arrived in a corner of Maramureș.

From the moment you enter the restaurant, you can feel the passion with which the ladies from Bârsana or the areas close to this famous locality wove the blankets placed on the chairs.

Many of the decor items were inherited from grandparents or even great-grandparents.

Those who arrive at Casa Maramureșeă come back delighted and recommend the place to all their acquaintances.

The advantage of Casa Maramuresene is the good food, the rumor of which has spread beyond the borders of the country.

For the people of Maramureş, a hungry man is an unhappy man, so the hosts will always be around you, ready to fill your plate again, the second you managed to empty it. And if you refuse another portion, they may feel offended.

So, if you come to Casa Maramureseană, bring your appetite with you!


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